Università degli Studi di Napoli

Dipartimento di INGEGNERIA





The doctoral program in Energy Science and Engineering (ESE) is a 3 years full-time study and research degree, totalling 180 credits. The research areas include, but are not limited to: renewable energy sources, energy saving, storage, conversion and engineering, environment engineering, including technologies for waste management and process efficiency improvement and thermo-fluid dynamics in bio-engineering.
The Ph.D. program involves several scientific fields (applied mathematics, thermodynamics and thermal science, fluid machineries and energy conversion systems, chemistry and material science, management and engineering) to give Ph.D. students a multidisciplinary stimulating environment in which develop highly-specialised research skills.
At the end of the PhD course, candidates will be able to:

  • Use fundamental knowledge of physics, chemistry and engineering to find new, better and more sustainable ways to convert, distribute, use and manage energy.
  • Write and review scientific papers in which to present the results of research in a proper scientific manner.
  • Propose research and development projects for demonstration of energy efficient products, as well as for development of such products for the market.
  • Work with Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and public institutions to bring research results to the market and/or make it available to the public.